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The next generation solution to combat money-laundering and terrorism financing

Pingwire is a software service helping companies to be fully compliant with their anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing standards.

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An intuitive case handling system supported by world class machine learning algorithms will ensure efficient handling of your compliance standards.



You don’t want to spend time on data mapping. We have done the job for you. Get all the information you need by only one connection.



The dynamic risk score is at heart of the solution so you spend your resources on what really matters.

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Real time transaction monitoring

Pingwire helps you to react before it’s too late. Evaluate all your transactions and take decision in real time based on your risk assessment.



The KYC process should work seamlessly to not interfere with the customer experience. Pingwire is built with this in mind.

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Compliance reporting

As you have everything in the same solution, reporting is made with ease. Often you have to assemble information from several sources, now you will have access to everything in one solution.

Challenges in today’s regulatory landscape

Outdated solutions that won’t do the job

Constantly changing regulations

Growing complexity in transactions and data

Pingwire helps you overcome all these challenges

We know how important it is to be up to date with the regulatory challenges. As your partner we will always help you to be compliant so you can focus on your business.

[Pingwire’s capabilities]

Pingwire’s case handling capabilities in a snapshot

Rule library for thorough risk analysis

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Complex rules and triggers are made clear with the rule library and interface.

Intuitive case handling and overview

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Effortless navigation of all your business flows in the lenses of compliance.

Access to several data sources

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One connection to rule them all. You will have access to all the information you might need to be compliant.

Get help to prioritize your tasks

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Get an overview on what matters and what doesn´t. Pingwire helps you spend your time wisely.

[Pingwire’s Onboarding]

Easy to get started

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Our modern API ensures a swift and easy integration.

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Easy accessible for all stakeholders through web login.

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About us

Pingwire is a Stockholm based software company developing the next generation software to fight money laundering, terrorist financing and fraud. As experts in data science, software development and financial regulations we’re on a mission to always be one step ahead of those who want to exploit our financial systems. If we let money laundering happen it will undermine the integrity of national economies and threaten our democracies. Pingwire is on the forefront of the battle against financial crime. Please join us on that mission!

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